Remember Arvind Kejriwal? Here’s how AAP lost the national plot

By Shivam Vij

(This article first appeared in ThePrint on 25 December 2018.)

It seems like a long time ago when the AAP occupied the national political mindspace. Continue reading “Remember Arvind Kejriwal? Here’s how AAP lost the national plot”

The rise and rise of Arvind Kejriwal

(This article by me first appeared in The Express Tribune on 26 December 2013.)

Arvind Kejriwal is the new Sachin Tendulkar. You throw him the most difficult googly and he sweeps it to add runs for his century. In 2011, he started a national anti-corruption movement with the specific aim of setting up an anti-corruption ombudsman called Lokpal. The movement’s public face and leader was Anna Hazare, a respected social leader, who like Gandhi, believes in fasting for politics. The critics said Anna is just a puppet and it’s Kejriwal’s movement, and that such sophistry showed Kejriwal (who takes oath as chief minister of Delhi tomorrow) had sinister motives. Continue reading “The rise and rise of Arvind Kejriwal”