Shivam Vij

Shivam Vij is a writer.

He lives in Delhi, India.

Email: shivamvij.delhi at gmail dot com

Twitter: @DilliDurAst

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Shivam, I enjoyed reading your peace on language issue…gald that you articulated it well and trust this get into minds of committee. I am too from Kanpur and little of Lucknow…hope to catch up sometimes to get enriched.


  2. Hi Shivam, liked your article on the testing opportunities missed for coronavirus. I have read biology specialists in this area recommend this option, why the government chooses to follow its own path we don’t know. Perhaps we are proud of the past India has had in giving the world untouchability.


  3. Hi Shivam, I was about to send an email but stumbled upon this. I wanted to ask something related to what you articulate quite frequently.
    What makes you think that Gandhi was a ‘liberal’ leader. Would be interested in listening to you further on this.


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